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Whitepaper draft published

Sep 262017

We have release a whitepaper draft and are interested in public feedback. Please send feedback to our email "".


eTardis has been created to help solve a critical need to many software developers:  MARKETING & SALES


Many developers spend countless hours creating awesome software but not able to properly promote their software for sale.  Sometimes just listing it for download on shareware or even freeware sites.

eTardis is the first marketing and sales organization to embrace the hard work of the developer. We will be offering profit sharing to developers rather than just profits from the sales of their products. We also enable leasing and rental of developers products unlike other competing companies. This will capture lost revenue due to trial periods when a customer only has a short-term need.

Please have a look at our eTardis ICO whitepaper and send us your thoughts and feedback.  


Hold back of ICO/pre-ICO whitepaper

Aug 272017

We are getting great private feedback on the whitepaper and will be holding it a bit longer to update and include the new feedback.  eTardis' goal is to make the company beneficial to developers as well as the company to grow.  Our newest revisions of the whitepaper reflect this change and change wait to share it with all of you.


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